Krinkle™ Rollers

Hadronics is your experienced source for a wide range of printer rollers. An industry leader and innovator, our mission is to provide you with the advantages gained through excellent roller performance, including decreased downtime for significant time and cost savings.
Hadronics Krinkle™ rollers unique patterned surface makes it extremely hydrophilic due to the intaglio style pocket that delivers water from below as well as the surface itself.


    • Hydrophilic properties distribute an even flow of metered water over the entire surface.
    • Composite material protects the roll from acid attack, low pH levels, corrosion and erosion.
    • New surface delivers more water than most ceramic or chrome rolls without increasing dampening motor speeds.
    • Surface also minimizes the slinging of water – a big help in producing quality printing.
    • A good choice for the quality conscious printer.