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Ceramic & Other Printer Rollers

Hadronics is your source for ceramic rollers and other printer rollers, offering you the benefit of our considerable experience in the industry. Our mission is to provide you with the advantages gained through excellent roller performance, including decreased downtime for significant time and cost savings. No matter what other ceramic roller you’ve tried, you won’t find one that outperforms Hadronics ceramic rollers.

Hadronics understands ceramic roller technology, and has applied this knowledge to create the best, most dependable products.

Advantages Include

  • Ceramic water transfer rolls that have been engineered to resist the substrate erosion commonly found with other ceramic rollers.
  • The use of similar metals for wear rings, rather than dissimilar metals, yields a roller that is ready for today’s and tomorrow’s fountain solutions.
  • Hadron process grinding and polishing yield a roller that is a natural water carrier, one that we can proudly say rivals the Hadron I or II chrome transfer roller.

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