Committed to Total Customer Satisfaction

Everyone at Hadronics is dedicated to meeting customer needs as quickly and precisely as possible every day. As soon as we receive a cylinder from a customer,itr gets inspected and estimated, typically within 24 hours and as soon as 60 minutes in special situations. We talk to the customer to determine lead time requirements and will work overtime or weekends to meet a rush delivery. If necessary, we will send a team to the customer’s plant to see first-hand what is happening. Or if needed, we will actually do the repairs in their shop to avoid lengthy disassembly and shipping. Our goal is to respond as quickly and effectively as possible to solve the problem.

Once we receive an approval from the customer, the cylinder is sent into the shop for repair and/or rebuild. Our software keeps a complete history of all work on every cylinder we repair, so the past work is communicated to the shop floor. The applications engineering team then determines the machining, plating, coating, sprays or blend of the three that will restore the cylinder to top operating condition.

Once the repairs are complete and the cylinder passes final inspection, the shipping is tracked until the roller is in the customer’s shop and back in production.

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