Nylon & Metal Coating

Nylon Coating

For Thinner Finishes & Better Heat Transfer

  • Alternative coating for ink train rollers
  • Textured or knurled surfaces available for ink metering rollers
  • Nylon coating of parts and assemblies for corrosion protection
  • Can be finished thinner than hard rubber for better cooling properties
  • Resistant to calcium build-up


  • Coating thickness of .020-.100 thick
  • Knurled or textured finish
  • RA 16-32 ground finish
  • RA as coated 95

Thermal Spray Coating

For Increased Wear & Durability

  • A complete selection of spray coatings from stainless steel through ceramics
  • Twin Arc, HVOF and plasma processes
  • Build-up coating for composite layering to add longer life
  • Under coating for build-up before plating
  • Materials engineered to fit the application for additional life
  • Can be used as spray coating for better grip and pulling


  • Twin Arc
  • HVOF
  • Plasma
  • Textured/Traction Coatings
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Ceramic
  • 35MXC
  • Self-Release
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Stainless 300/400 series
  • Copper
  • Journal Repairs
  • Various RC depending on coating being applied
  • HVOF Tungsten 65 RC Plus

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