Chrome & Copper Plating

Hard Chromium Plating for Excellent Wear Ability

Water Pan or Transfer Rollers, Water Oscillator Rollers

    • Hadron process hydrophilic chromes allow for the most even fill of solution

Plate, Blanket, and Impression Cylinders

    • Hard Rc66 chrome for increased wear and durability
    • Ground gaps to insure correct fit
    • Bearers mounted and ground to precise tolerances

Shafts, Mandrels and Punch and Die Units

    • Hard Rc66 for increased wear and durability
    • Controlled finishes for correct outcome

Coating Rolls

    • Precise finishes for even & accurate coating
    • Corrosion underlays for additional life

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Shafts

    • Thick chrome for wear and ability to salvage old parts
    • Hard Rc66 chrome for additional wear

Industrial Rolls

    • Doctor rolls, chill rolls, hip rolls, work/leveler rollers

Non-stick, self-release coatings

    • Rollers
    • Glue pots, ink trays


  • 13 Feet Deep
  • 32 Inches Diameter
  • RA finish requirements from less than 2A (mirror finish) up to 150-180 chrome RA matte finish
  • Flash chrome

Copper Plating for Extra Hardness

    • Ink train rollers – replace hard rubber and ebonite coverings for maximum roller life
    • Copper hardness of 200 Vickers (90 Ra) for maximum resistance to scoring and damage
    • Excellent intermediate coating for highly corrosive areas
    • Optional replacement for nylon and hard rubber in tailoring for wash-up positions


    • Thickness .001-.090 thick
    • Polished or ground finish
    • Corrosion protection
    • Knurl or textured finish