Self-Release Rollers

Leadership & Innovation

Industrial Rollers & Coatings

Hadronics is known for leadership and innovation in industrial rollers and coatings. We are proud to serve the needs of the printing industry and other industries, offering the advantage of over two decades of manufacturing and repair experience. We are your source for self-release rollers for use in applications where durable, non-stick surfaces are required. Typical applications include coatings for rolls and components used in handling adhesives, inks, hot plastics and other sticky materials.

Benefits Include

  • Hadronics self-release rollers feature release coatings, which are applied over a thermally or plasma sprayed layer.
  • These durable coatings bond with a wide range of surface textures to meet a broad range of needs in grip and wear-ability.

All Hadronic rollers are developed for excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance, and optimize performance to lower costs by extending service and significantly reducing downtime.

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