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Hadronics roller exchange program includes stocking a variety of Hadron rollers, so when you have a roller going bad, you can have a replacement exchange roller shipped to you immediately. This will greatly reduce your downtime by allowing you to get your press back in production in a fraction of the time it would take to procure a new roller. Also, it reduces the amount of investment you have in carrying an inventory of rollers in-house, since our exchange program gives you such quick access to a replacement roller.

Printing Cylinder & Printing Cartridge Repair

With Quick Turnaround

Cylinders, along with their journals, can be refurbished or repaired by a selection of Thermal bond coatings or Hard Chrome that provide fast turn-around.

  • All cylinders are refurbished to original specifications or can be modified to the customer’s directions.
  • Replacement parts, Bearers, reel rods and the accompanying hardware, such as lock ups, and eccentric repairs are available.
  • Ground slot radii to allow for proper plate and blanket fits.
  • Written inspections are also available.
  • Spot repairs or total rebuild can be pre-formed in our facility.

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