Nylon Rollers

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Two Decades of Experience

Hadronics meets your print roller needs as an industry leader with more than two decades of experience. Hadronics is your source for cost-effective, high performance print rollers, including nylon rollers. Hadronics nylon rollers offer the advantage of excellent performance, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Our cost-efficient nylon rollers carry a smooth, consistent film of ink to the cylinder. A unique combination of properties adds up to dependable performance. Hadronics nylon rollers offer advantages.

Advantages Include

  • Outstanding dimensional stability for longer life.
  • Excellent chemical resistance to ward off corrosion attack.
  • Elastic memory bounces back for top performance.
  • Low friction coefficient to produce a more even distribution of ink.
  • Better Thermal heat transfer abilities than hard rubber.
  • Cost savings through reduced downtime.
  • Hadron Rilsan available in light blue color, with other colors are available upon request.

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