Providing the Coatings & Sprays

To Reduce Industrial Manufacturer Downtime

If your manufacturing operations require hard, protective coatings and sprays to keep your equipment running, then you need Hadronics as your industrial partner. The team at Hadronics has over 50 years of industry experience and capabilities to solve your most complex issues.

Hadronics specializes in manufacturing specialty rollers to meet specific industrial manufacturing needs and provides various roller services including:

  • Chrome Plating
  • Superfinishing
  • Texture finish
  • Plasma/Thermal Spray
  • New Cores
  • Grinding

The repair of your industrial shafts and rollers is all controlled at our facility by our skilled technician and engineering teams. Our extensive selection of coatings and sprays, full machining capabilities and years of experience allow us to repair or rebuild your rollers quickly and cost effectively. We adhere to controlled, standard processes which ensure quality outcomes on all roller service and repair work. 

As part of the repair process, we will evaluate the reasons for roller failure and offer innovative solutions that will increase the operational window when possible. We try not only to return your rollers to manufacturer specifications, but to make them run better than when they were new. Because of our commitment to quality, Hadronics offers a one year workmanship warranty on all roller service and repairs.

Case Studies

Challenge: A leading Midwestern hydraulic cylinder manufacturer was producing an order for an important customer when the cylinder shaft was seriously damaged in final assembly. It was a rush order and the customer needed the shaft in two days. Standard repairs would require disassembly and reprocessing of the shaft which would take almost a week. They called Hadronics for help.

Solution: Hadronics had a team of technicians in the manufacturer’s shop 12 hours from the call, which was first thing the next morning. The cylinder shaft had been damaged when a tool fell on it. The Hadronics team responded quickly to align with the customer and develop a detailed repair plan to fit within the short timeline deadline. 

The Hadronics team was able to repair the damage without disassembling the unit in about four hours, using a combination of portable plating, hand working and finishing. This enabled the customer to complete the order and meet the original shipping date.

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