Innovative Engineering

With Years of Hands-On Experience to Improve Your Efficiency

The applications engineering team at Hadronics is committed to continuously improving the efficiency of your rollers, cylinders and overall operations through constant innovation. When you send a roller to Hadronics, we first do a detailed visual inspection of the unit to determine the extent of the damage. We then look at the history of repairs for that cylinder and customer to gain more insight into possible solutions. The customer is contacted and interviewed to determine the cause of the problem and to review the operations surrounding the particular cylinder and the turnaround time needed.

Once the engineering team has gathered all the background information, we decide on the machining, plating, coating, sprays or blend of the three that will restore the cylinder to top operating condition. Hadronics strives to actually improve the wear characteristics, durability and efficiency of the cylinder by taking steps to widen the operational window of the cylinder to provide more flexibility in manufacturing. Before returning the cylinder to the customer, Hadronics does a detailed final inspection to ensure the concentricity, orbital rotation, surface finish and all other parameters are within specifications.

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